Cricket for life!

Cricket is not just playing with bat, ball or stumps but it is a mixture of skills, emotions and determination.If I hear the word “cricket” first thing that comes in my mind is Yuvraj Singh’s six ball six sixes, where a small clash led Yuvraj to create history in t-20 international cricket, I could even today enjoy that match though it is twelve years old.

Cricket is not just for the entertainment, it even inspires many through it’s unusual things in between the matches. All you need is a small sparkel to create your own history just like Yuvraj got from Flintoff to smash Broad out of the stadium. Seek motivation in everything what you see, hear and feel.

Sometimes I wonder, what I am doing thinking about the cricket where everyone is busy in consolidating themselves, then feel not even a Roles Royce car ride gives the happiness as much as cricket gives.

As a 90s kid, I grew up watching legendary cricketers. One person I admired a lot in my life is Rahul Dravid, man with zero haters around the world, who did dedicate his whole life to the country even after his retirement as a under 19 national team coach. As everyone knows, he is the wall of India. He is like a Diamond, it may lowers in shining but his performance never fails to entertain the whole nation.

In test matches, when Dravid cuts a ball of speed 140kmph with ease brings fatigue on the bowler’s face. One should be more powerful to restrict a 140kmph ball from going out of his shadow unless he is Rahul Dravid.

Mean while his stance, style and his footwork brings pleasure on the face of a true cricket fan, I hope that would never change, if he plays today.

When Dravid enteres the crease, everyone feels, the day is going to be big and the watchers go off to finish their work because the score will be constant from then. When they come back from the work and see, his individual score will be in single digits, that is what made him to be called as “the wall” of cricket.

If you ask a true cricket fan what is his dream, he would definitely say “watching Indian players playing in whites against England at the home of cricket, Lords “. For non-cricket fans it is just a time killing game but for fans it is more than their sleep, food & everything in their life. But nowdays cricket has been spoilt from the introduction of technology in it. I hope cricket will not lose its value in the future